3/3/12 ~ Sat. 7:30pm, ~ Holy Shift! The The 22nd Annual Ojai Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball, Also, Our Ojai Mardi Gras Art Show, on exhibit and for sale at the Art Center Gallery, The following day (Sunday) Mardi Gras continues..... for more info., Go to the Ojai Mardi Gras Website
1/21/12 ~ Sat. 1/21, 1-4pm ~ National Day of Action Against Corporate Impostors, Libbey Park, Take Our Democracy Back From Oligarchs & Corporations, SEE CALENDAR (link above) for more info., Occupy Downtown Ojai, Saturday, Jan. 21, 2011 1pm - 4pm,

1/13/12 ~ Fri. 1/13, 3pm ~ "Fall & Winter Cruise" - Ojai Valley, McDonald's Parking Lot on Hwy 33... Dec. 9, 3pm, McDonald's Parking Lot, Ojai/Mira Monte....
1/21/12 ~ Sat. 1/21, 5:30-7pm ~ "Enlightenment Is Our Natural State" a lecture with Q & A by Elke Riess Jan. 21, 5:30-7pm, Sacred Space Studio, Ojai....
12/3/11 ~ Sat. 12/3, 4-6pm ~ 11th Annual (Oak View) Christmas Tree Lighting Event Dec. 3rd, 4-6pm, Rabobank Parking Lot....
12/3/11 ~ Sat. 12/3, 5-7pm ~ The Posada, Villanova Preparatory School, Ojai a yearly tradition for many years at Villanova. Families and students gather....
12/3/11 ~ Sat. 12/3, 4-7pm ~ Once Upon a Winter Moon Montessori School of Ojai Annual fundraiser at the Oak View Community Center. This year, wines will pair with tapas.
12/10/11 ~ Sat. 12/10, 5-8pm ~ Third Annual Holiday Stroll, Meiners Oaks The Event will feature a tree lighting, caroling, arts and crafts, pictures with Santa, a Marketplace....
12/29/11 ~ runs thru 12/29 ~ Exhibition: Elana Kundell Painting Music Imaginary environments that are based on emotional rather than physical spaces.....
12/29/11 ~ runs thru 12/29 ~ Ojai Celebrates Art IV - Ojai Valley Museum Juried exhibition of Fine Arts with an open theme.
10/27/11 ~ Thurs. 10/27, 7pm ~ Occupy Ventura group - General Assembly Meeting, Bell Arts Factory,, 432 N. Ventura Avenue, Ventura, CA 93001
10/27/11 ~ Thurs. 10/27, 7pm ~ Ojai Basin Groundwater Management Agency board meeting. Location: Ojai City Hall Chambers.
10/27/11; 7pm and 10/29/11; 10-5:30pm ~ Ojai, "Cultivating Openness & Gratitude" (A Public Talk - 10/27) and "Warriors Way" (All Day Intensive - 10/29), a public talk by Don Alverto Taxo, held at the Temenos Center for Wholeness, Don Alverto is a master shaman from Ecuador... This is a time of a great transformation on many levels in our world. Don Alverto will illuminate how to live consciously in the present moment as a warrior who is ready for anything. He will offer practices from his indigenous culture that cultivate openness, relaxation, and gratitude in the midst of whatever circumstances arise. Both events are open to the public. Info/Registration, 805-294-0055,, If people are interested in private healings with Don Alverto, email to schedule. The healing sessions are balancing sessions for the individuals' personal elements and the cost is $100. per session.
11/5/11 ~ Sat. 11/5, 7pm ~ Farmageddon: The Unseen War on Family Farms (FILM) at the Ojai Valley Community Church, "I can't recommend this moie heartily enough. Tell them Joel sent you" - Joel Salatin "America's most influential farmer," author This Ain't Normal, Folks! - This is it, this is the film... about Our Civil & Consumer Food Rights, Farm Families harmed by the Overreach of Government, Food Safety Legislation & Raw Milk, Learn What Our Small Farmers Must Go Through to Bring Us the Artisanal Food We Want. Eye-Opening footage inevitably leaving one wondering... Why are food safety agents showing up at buying clubs & farms With guns drawn holding families hostage for hours? Is this how we want our tax dollars spent? Features Family Farmers from VT to CA including Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures Dairy in Fresno, Sharon Palmer of Healthy Family Farm in Santa Paula and Joel Salatin, farmer & author, Also Michael Pollan, author of Omnivore's Dilemma, Pete Kennedy of Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, and other farmers and eco-agriculture advocates. Panel Discussion after the film with McAfee & Palmer. Presented by the Ventura Chapter of the Weston A Price Foundation. Trailer More Info; Joanie (cell) 831-246-0162, Jean 805-729-0439

PAST EVENTS ~ Please Scroll Down
9/23/11 ~ Sat. 9/23, Fall Equinox Herb Hike with Lanny Kaufer, Explore the oak forest in Wills Canyon on the Ventura River Preserve in Ojai...
CLASSIFIEDS: Rooms for Rent, Kids Daycare, Band Rehearsal Space, Knife Sharpening, Real Estate Sales, Music, Gardening, Painting, Plumbing, Photo Gear, Psychic Readings and more...
9/17/11 ~ Sat. 9/17, Release Party for "My Handy Writing Book" featuring Amada Irma Perez, Sat. Sept 17, 1-3pm, Bank of Books, Ventura, Everyone has a dream of leaving a mark in the world. Amada changed her life when she wrote her first story in her journal the summer of 1998 at the Southwest Writing Project...
9/10/11 ~ Sat. 9/10, Doors Open at 5pm, Concert 7pm, "Relive the Magic!" - Ojai Valley Museum presents a benefit concert under the stars at Ojai's new Libbey Bowl on Sept. 10, 2011. This family friendly, non-alcoholic event features the music of The Beatles and Rolling Stones by tribute bands Abbey Road and Jumping Jack Flash...
8/27/11 ~ Mentor Madness Poker Run ~ Car & Motorcycle Show, Soule Park Ojai
8/21/11 ~ Sun. 8/21, 11-4pm, Bone Marrow Drive & Fundraiser for Lexi, 2 1/2-year-old Santa Barbara local Needs Your Help ~ Be the One to Save A Life ~ Save Lexi's Life...
9/13/11 ~ ADOPT-A-DOG at BANK OF BOOKS, Ventura, Sat, Aug. 13
8/13/11 ~ Living a Lie? Bank of Books Author Dayna Hester Booksigning on Sat, Aug. 13
7/12/11 ~ Meiners Oaks Solstice Festival says "Thank You Community!"
7/2 thru 7/4/11 ~ Ojai July 4th Celebration
7/1/11 ~ Youth for Success Painters Opening, Oxnard
6/26/11 ~ Meiners Oaks Solstice Festival ~ Sun. June 26, 11-5pm
6/1-6/26/11 ~ New Exhibition at Artamo Gallery, Santa Barbara
6/25/11 ~ Bank of Books First Annual Children's Book Festival ~ Sat. June 25
6/25/11 ~ Potrero John Creek Herb Walk with Lanny Kaufer ~ Sat. June 25, 8:30-Noon
thru 6/19/11 ~ Ventura County Museum - Four New Exhibitions
6/9 thru 6/12/11 ~ Building with Cob & Earthen Wall Systems
6/9 thru 6/12/11 ~ Ojai Festival Announces New Details on The Winds of Destiny Project: Music in the Time of War
thru 6/12/11 ~ Ojai Valley Museum - Made in Ojai IX "Know Hope"
6/7/11 ~ Two Local Dancers, Serra Bensen and Joanne Terry will perform "Vesna" presented by La Petite Couette Aerial Dance Company, at the Lobero, Santa Barbara
6/4 & 6/5/11 ~ 1st Annual Summer Ojai Writers Conference
6/4/11 ~ Play in the Mud: Natural Building Materials & Methods
6/5/11 ~ Natural Building Design
5/30/11 ~ Memorial Day Event: Ojai/Oak View - "Let Freedom Fly"
5/28/11 ~ Nutmeg's Ojai House ~ Alive After 5, 5-8pm
5/27/11 ~ Ojai Pledging Event: NO TEXTING While Driving, Sponsored by Jill Olivares, Allstate ~ Oak View
5/28-5/29/11 ~ Ojai Valley Library Friends and Foundation's Seventeenth Annual Used-Book Sale
5/2-5/28/11 ~ The 11th Annual Buddha Abides Contemporary Art Exhibition/S.B.
5/22/11 ~ Solar Sunday - A Solar Open House
5/22/11 ~ Cozy Dell Hike/Ojai Herb Walk with Lanny Kaufer
5/22/11 ~ Benefit for HELP of Ojai Community Food Pantry
5/21/11 ~ Street Gangs: a solutions-oriented Community Forum/S.B.
5/15/11 ~ Baraka Moon in Ojai
5/14/11 ~ East end Sulphur Mountain Road/Ojai Herb Walk with Lanny Kaufer
5/1/11 ~ Sonia Miller & Wayne Ortman Memorial