Apr. Issue #35:

Citizens Losing
More Rights
SUBJECT: re: Ojai Public Speaking/Code Enforcement Activities
From: editor@ojaiandventura
Date: April 14, 2011 4:05:15 PM PDT
Cc: editor@ojaiandventura
Thurs., April 14, 2011
Rob Clark, Ojai city manager,
RE: Ojai Public Speaking/Code Enforcement Activities
Mr. Clark,
I understand Brian Meadows, Ojai building official & code enforcement officer, made an unannounced visit to Ojai citizen and State Farm Insurance agent Bob Daddi's home yesterday morning at approximately 9:30am.
As you may recall, during the Ojai City Council (public speaking period) just two days ago Tuesday (April 12), Mr. Daddi spoke on the subject; suggesting Ojai City Code Enforcement put all "Red Tag" violations, complaints, etc., in writing, rather than as is currently a practice of unaccountable "verbal notices". Mr. Daddi stated in council that this procedure leaves no clear direction for property owners to respond to city code complaints, and provides no documented record of code enforcement activities by the code enforcement dept. Mr. Daddi also suggested there that all unannounced/unwarranted building inspections be stopped in the city of Ojai altogether. I am sure you are aware of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which prohibits unwarranted Search and Seizure by government officials.
Bob Daddi said he was contacted by Mr. Meadows several months ago and directed that all city business by Mr. Meadows go through Mr. Daddi's attorney. Bob could no longer speak to Mr. Meadows as he was attorney-represented. According to Bob, Mr. Meadows never contacted the attorney in any way; by phone, email, office visit, etc. Mr. Daddi also said Mr. Meadows has his phone number; both residence and office at State Farm Insurance, but that he was not contacted yesterday by Mr. Meadows, prior to the "visit."
I have several questions.
1. What was the official reason Mr. Meadows paid an unannounced visit to Bob's house yesterday morning?
2. Did any of Mr. Meadows superiors (including yourself) order this action or know about it beforehand, or did Mr. Meadows act independently? Who? (if any)
3. Was Mr. Meadows "visit" a retaliatory action against Mr. Daddi for his Tuesday Public Speaking comment critical of code enforcement?
4. Did Mr. Meadows try to contact Mr. Daddi's attorney before yesterday's "visit"?
5. As a new arrival to Ojai, and new city manager (and also as Mr. Meadows supervisor), what do you think "officially" about Mr. Meadows alleged behavior yesterday?
Thanks very much,
I appreciate your time,
Joel Anderson

EDITOR'S NOTE: As of the time of publication of this issue of The Ojai and Ventura VIEW, Mr. Clark has not responded to our email. Stay tuned.
Code Enforcement?
Why Worry? It's Only Your

Money They Want
National, local and international governments are in financial disarray from their comfortable relations with bad bankers; governments then turn on the people with creative new taxes to foot the bill, they so incompetently assumed.
Their failed economic policies, created in complicity with big corporate self-interest, have not brought about promised reductions in government bureaucracies and excessive top salaries. Greedy officials are enabled by weak mainstream 'bought' media that prostitutes itself for the greedy side of Wall Street and big city type property developer organizations. They seek expanded revenue streams not by streamlining, but by instituting increased taxes for the little guy. This comes at a high price, often stripping away serious U.S. Constitutional rights.
The City of Ventura is no exception and their experiment in greed has in fact become nationally known as the sick-poster-child for chilling incompetent management. As their selfish vision of a Disneyland-esque dreamland in Downtown Ventura dried up and now blows away, they recently lock-step-installed hideous usery parking meters (called Blue Monsters by many) in an effort to merrily filch more money out of small business owners and shoppers. With the economy already bad these additional taxes have only brought a ghost town atmosphere to an already struggling business district.
Installed last November, Ventura's city-owned newspaper racks have been prophetically called coffin-like. Perhaps this one, in front of Winchester's Grill, can already be labeled as "urban blight" due to the slot vacancies, and ragtag disheveled copies of the VCReporter tossed within the busted-out-plexiglass chamber. Photo taken Apr. 16.
In their efforts to squash dissenting opinion to their unpopular rule, they have also restricted distribution of true alternative publications (the last vestige of independent thought) by unconstitutionally passing a newspaper "Rack" ordinance last year. This, they said, was to presumably keep Ventura-Cowtown "tidy." The edict limits distribution of "unpermitted" publications which have not paid a "permit" tax. This tax is illegal, with long-standing precedence in the long-repealed British Stamp Act of 1765. Ventura's law trashes the First Amendment by attempting to tax the free exercise of it. This limits press distribution, restricting free speech except to those who tow the city policy (often accepting city advertising dollars in return); they pay the unconstitutional tax. The Ventura ordinance is not equitably enforced and in fact favors cities "happy news" media friends. The law is overlooked for some. Free Speech is chilled and the failed policies continue.
Ventura is also pursuing random revenue driven code enforcement policies, under the guise of 'Public Safety' (Trojan Horse). This seems to be the new growth industry; the fines are heavily weighted against those who can least afford. In fact Ventura is the blueprint for what is currently being billed (bulldozed) as the future of Ojai. Ventura's same wonder man, code consultant and pitchman Stephen Stuart has been retained by Ojai staff to in fact bolster the town's backsliding building permit revenues by giving the city building dept. police powers; power to issue excessive fines and seize private property through foreclusure to the govt. benefit.
Wonder man, code consultant and pitchman Stephen Stuart (L) and Brian Meadows, Ojai building official & code enforcement officer tell tall tales... attempting to ramrod unconstitutional revenue driven code enforcement policies down the city of Ojai. Photo taken Mar. 8, Ojai City Council.
Ventura's Big Brother code enforcement policies have already targeted many vulnerable trusting Seniors in their homes, who are often unaware of the now neglected constitutional protections against illegal and unwarranted Search and Seizures. The city often obtains anonymous "Tips" or simply invades the privacy of private citizens' property, trespassing point-blank to fabricate their case; much in the spirit of 1930s Germany. These policies blatantly violate the Sixth Amendment Constitutional "guarantee" to the Right to Face Your Accuser, and Fourth Amendment Right Against Government Search and Seizure.
- Joel Anderson
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and Go To VIEW Ojai PRESS RELEASES (VENTURA: New Code Enforcement Policies Monday Night 5/9/11)
- Joel Anderson, Editor