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HEALTH: Insulin Is Not Your Friend

Govt. and Releases
THIS PAGE INCLUDES: ~ Press Release, News info...
THIS PAGE INCLUDES: ~ Ojai Political Satire and NEWS...
The VIEW of
THIS PAGE INCLUDES: Ojai Politics ~ VIEW EXCLUSIVE: ~ Ambition: Carol Smith's IRS ELECTION-TAX VIOLATION ? Could Ojai Non-Profits Lose Their Tax Exempt Status? ~ California Town Bans Pesticides On City Properties, Reprinted From: Ojai and Ventura VOICE, Fri. Mar. 31, 2000,Vol. 13, Number 2, #258, Pg 7 ~
Water Rights
THIS PAGE INCLUDES: End the Golden State Water Iron Grip on Ojai's Checkbook...
Ojai and Ventura VIEW
Online Business Office
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LINK: www.truth-out.org ~ Three Things That Must Happen for Us to Rise Up and Defeat the Corporatocracy
Friday 26 August 2011
by: Bruce E. Levine, Alternet | Op-Ed
THIS LINK INCLUDES: ~ 1-25-12: The Fix is IN: No Rights for Soldiers: Immunity for Corporate Guided Military/Govt. Leaders, no matter how badly they may mislead Americans to disaster. www.truthaholics.wordpress.com (Click Image Below)
Small Townie
THIS LINK INCLUDES: ~ Travel$ to Glossy $Ojai?~~I~ Glo$$y People, Glo$$y Magazine$, ~ Nuevo Pla$tic Ojai $pirituali$m and.... What's a P.R. (Travel-Hack) "Journali$t" to do?
~ Yes Indeed, what's a Travel "Journalist" ~
hack to do... if they can't be spoon-fed a story?
Are non-member businesses taxpaying for
the Ojai Chamber of Commerce'
Businesses to save their Ad Budgets?
did you tell them about the water? shhhhhhh.....
LINK: 'Insulin is your Friend' by Mary-Jo
Not So Long Ago - by Mary-Jo Murphy from the Nov/Dec 2010/Issue: When a doctor makes the choice to prescribe insulin for your diabetes, you may feel like a failure, as if you are being punished. You are shocked at the prospect of self-injection and try to negotiate your way out of the process. "Can't I try another pill? I promise to lose weight, exercise, give up sweets forever?"
Who Broke Ojai?
LINK: The Baker Report on Ojai 1/19/11
THIS PAGE INCLUDES: OJAI IS BROKE! What if Your Business is Not a Member of the Ojai Chamber of Commerce?
Will Travel "Journali$t" Elitists Darken
Your Door?
"It's not a pretty picture but I have a responsibility to tell you where we are."
- John Baker, Interim City Manager
Media View
THIS PAGE INCLUDES: VIEW EXCLUSIVE: ~ Who Owns Your Thoughts... When the "News" becomes just another racket..... ~ What to Do When a Thief & Liar Appears: Ventura Breeze Big Cheeze Sheldon Brown
MORE VIEW ~ Quick Links
Back Issues
THIS PAGE INCLUDES: ~ Catch Up On Back Issues of The Ojai and Ventura VIEW
THIS PAGE INCLUDES: ~ Music - Live Wires & Hot Tips, Events, Notices and Happenings, Classifieds
The VIEW of
THIS PAGE INCLUDES: VIEW EXCLUSIVE: ~ Why Johnny Can't Read ~ Pay Cuts for Ojai's Top OUSD Administrators??? Never...............!!!
THIS PAGE INCLUDES: VIEW EXCLUSIVE: ~ Who Killed Ojai's Treasured Libbey Park Palms? also VIEW the Full Original Story ~ PDF - Jan 2011/Issue #32
Who Killed Ojai's historical palms?
The VIEW of
LINK: YouTube/OVVtaView THIS LINK INCLUDES: ~ The Ojai and Ventura VIEW YouTube Channel.... includes all the VIDEOh-Oh Wo Woes.... and more... The Carol Smith Lackeys to the Kabal: Ojai City Council Meeting/Sept. 28, 2010, ~ Ojai Council Member Carol Smith Misreading City Ordinance - Using City Attorney in Personal Feud with Her Neighborly Ojaian Jerome Landfield - Ojai Council Member's Illegal Pop-up-Double Talk and Also, Ojai's Out of Control Weedpatch Trolley ~ What to do with Ojai's Financially Out of Control Weedpatch Trolley? Council Member Carol Smith suggests an East End Trolley Caravan, where Ojai Valley residents would bring their spare change to town. Is this intuitive marketing genius, or are we just beating a dead horse? What say you? Also, Should Theft and Lies be forgiven? Watch Sheldon Brown Theft and Destruction Video: Click Here www.YouTube/OVVtaView and more.......
Government Hiring Stuff
LINK: Evaluate Ojai's City Attorney Monte Widders
THIS LINK INCLUDES: ~ Can small town Ojai Continue to Pay Outrageously HUGE Legal Fees to Monte???
The VIEW of
THIS LINK INCLUDES: ~ What's up with Nukes? Our Readers Write!
LINK: Scary Stuff in Ventura City Hall
THIS LINK INCLUDES: ~ Richard Senate finds Ghosts in Ventura's City Hall
Ojai's Skate History: Never Forget
THIS LINK INCLUDES: VIEW EXCLUSIVE: ~ Ojai Skate Park, VIEW #16, July 2009, Why it took so long for Ojai to get hooked up? ~ Ojai Council Member Carol Smith Sez "Ojai's kids should leave Ojai..." ~ Mr. Ed asked Ojai Council, "How do you get up in the morning?" ~ TIMELINE: Original Skate Park, Dated June, 2008
Idiot Bloggers
The VIEW of
THIS LINK INCLUDES: IDIOT BLOGGERS: ~ Find out what happens when a group of idiots with too much time on their hands who put their pea brains together....
Graspin' for the Cash
The VIEW of
THIS LINK INCLUDES: ~ The Real Story of Libbey Bowl... ~ What Went Wrong? How Ojai's cherished Libbey Bowl, a public park, was given away to a profitable not for profit? 'non-profit' ~ VIEW EXCLUSIVE: ~ PR Non-profiteer tried to muzzle the press, Pg 1, 2.... 'Don't print that picture' ~ This Land is? Your Land ~ Woody Guthrie ~
The VIEW of
Fancy Designer Environmental Groups....
Cozy Soire: Ojai Valley Green Coalition (OVGC)
and other Pro-Development Forces Align; Pro Development Ventura City Manager Rick Cole wows the Green Coalition...
"[The People] are the ultimate, guardians of their own liberty." - Thomas Jefferson
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